Cassidy Bear

Hey ya groovers, my name is Cassidy Bear.

I am the younger brother of Chester, and companion of Queen Cleo. I like the she-cats, very much. I like to meet as many of them as possible, and since I’ve become older discovered my libido for the very first time.

Mum affectionally calls me “Hugh” – yes as in Hugh Heffner.

About 4 years ago I got diagnosed with Diabetes and have had to take 2 insulin shots a day. Mum is good and careful with administering the injections.

Don’t tell Mum, but I don’t mind the injections because they make me feel years younger, fluffy, handsome and virile. Maybe it works like viagra for cats on me.

I used to lack confidence but since I’ve become older and got my diabetes under control, I feel like I am a she-cat magnet. In fact, I am authoring Secret Cat Business Volume 3: Love and Dating Advice for Cats.

Yours in paws,

Cassidy xoxo

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