About Secret Cat Business, the book series

Secret Cat Business Volume 1: Seven Steps to a Meowingly Good Life is available now!

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A self-help book for cats . . . and cat lovers!

‘This is my world; I just allow others to live in it.’ — Chester

Chester the Cat is talented, handsome and charming—think of a feline Jason Bourne who is so gifted he makes Albert Einstein look stupid. With his street-smart business acumen and catnip-induced superpowers, Chester has overcome his less-than-perfect start to life to create a cat empire. He is director of Chester’s School of the Feline Arts, where he instructs other cats on how to take charge of their destinies . . . and owners.

With hilarious wit and heartfelt vulnerability, Chester shares his life story in this volume to inspire other cats to never give up on their dreams. In just seven steps, Chester guides all cats to a meowingly good life!

Coming soon! Volume 2: How I Became a Royal Cat by Queen Cleopatra the Cat

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