This is a fun read. The author has a great sense of humor and shows her clear understanding of cats, their needs and behaviors. If you want a lighthearted book to read, then this is going to be perfect for you.


I really enjoyed this book. I liked how it was written in the way of a story, with the 7 steps mixed in. It’s really good. Highly recommend to every one who likes to read who has cats or likes cats.


Secret Cat Business Volume One: 7 Steps to a Meowingly Good Life” by Chester The Cat is a tail of one entrepreneurial Feline by the name of Chester the Cat…who as the director of Chester’s School of the Feline Arts …desired to expand his reach from his school to the larger world of Felines in general with this educational tome of purrcisely how he achieved his Cat Empire…and by utilizing his methods and natural Feline intelligence and predatory business acumen..


This was such a fun read. If you’re a cat lover you will especially love this book. Chester the cat sets out to educate the cats of the world about how to rule over their human carers and be King of their world. Now I am looking at my cats a little differently wondering what they have planned for me!! If you like to laugh and be entertained then this is the book for you.


Chester is quite a comedian and I enjoyed reading about his antics, and how he overcame a troubled childhood as a vulnerable kitten ‘at risk’ to become Lord of his Household with his very own doting human servant. Poor Mum, I felt for her many times while reading of curtain shredding or suede jacket destruction!


A great read. Chester’s antics made me laugh out loud. Even with all his cattitude, deep down Chester cares deeply for his family and goes to great lengths to protect them using all his super powers. Every cat who takes Chester’s advice on board will soon be in charge of their human and living a meowing good life.

Kerryn Slater

Oh how I loved this book. I have been a cat lover for years and would often run commentaries on what I thought they were thinking. There is so much humour, truth and underlying messages In each fabulous case study 


What an entertaining read! Loved reading Chester’s autobiography of his life with his human so far. His tips and tricks are words we can all learn from (cat and human alike) and are not to be missed.
Many thanks to the author.

Chloe E

I loved this book! It made me literally laugh out loud when reading it on the bus to work. Chester is a very funny cat with lots of wisdom and advice for cats and humans alike! I can’t wait for the next instalment.

Gill D Anderson

This a sweet whimsical book that draws the reader in with wit and humour. Chester is an intelligent cat who knows what he wants! Cat lovers will adore this and non cat lovers will have a good giggle at some of Chester’s phrases and sarcasm. Bravo!